If they want to perform their duties to the fullest and win the respect of artists, institutions must first respect artists. They must learn that people are not inert matter to be shrunk, cut, and packaged as pleases the institution. I call on all artists to enforce this fundamental law from this day forward, and to stage a general strike if it is not respected—a total cessation of their production that would bring about severe economic, social, human, and esthetic consequences for all … including staffing cuts at the institutions themselves, unemployment, the cancellation of art fairs, and the collapse of the entire art market.

Think about it !

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Please be here, logged on at this address on APRIL 21 for LIVE VIDEO of the exhibition at White Box, NYC!

From 6:30 to 6:45 pm on April 21, at White Box, there will be a special performance by Fhima. At the request of the Territory, she will help lead the counterattack against the Evil Empire.

(In the photo above, Fhima performs alongside Fred Forest on August 6, 2017 in the Territory at the Pompidou Center as part of the collective performance Forest orchestrated there in conjunction with his retrospective. The theme of the exhibition, the Territory manifests itself in the grid pattern traced on the floor.)