Par Fred Forest

I’m very proud to admit this text that publishes in WHITOT after visiting my exhibition at the White Box, Anthony Haden-Guest, fills me with happiness. A well-known critic and writer in the United States and Great Britain, who has been closely associated with, among others, Basquiat and Warhol, who has been featured in such prestigious newspapers as the Financial Times, The New York Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, The Observeur, and some of the best, fills me with happiness. This text reconciles me from the start with all the piss-froid of France and Navarre who have despised or overshadowed my work for years, especially those we meet in the corridors of the Center Georges Pompidou, while some others, like The World, ArtPress, Art Weekly Media, Synesthesia, the Diagonale of art, keep all my esteem. Today the power is reversed and it is up to the artists to distribute the medals and to listen to the most retrograde representatives of the contemporary art system. If the younger generations want to retain something of my actions of protest in this environment it will have to be the resistance, the resistance, the resistance. Artists must regain power. Must realize that they are the only producers of good in this environment and that it is always parasites of all kinds that benefit. Perverting the values of art by the financial power they have to impose often questionable values, alas too often with the duplicity of the institutions themselves.

Today, at a time when drastic transitions are taking place in our societies, all we have to do is get MoMA, a tutelary figure in this milieu, to opt for an ethical, clear and committed position in a refoundation of the values of art. To those who will be skeptical of such utopia, I would say that it is only a question of time, of believing it collectively, of determination and luck. Let’s look for a moment behind us to see that the History of Humanity is populated by Utopias! When time has come that the hour of ours has come to an end, only then will we cease to believe it and with a clear conscience we will retire to the Territory to devote ourselves to chess unless it is the petanque :+) … taking the rest of my time watching the infinity of the sky above my head, healed forever of any other ambition.

But until that time comes to an end I will fight and fight again.

To Anthony Hander Guest, Noa Becker and Juan Puntes who will have advanced the course of my life in this direction.

Fred Forest de retour de New York encouragé par son ami Julio Le Parc à lancer son « Mouvement pour une éthique de l’art » (EP7 mai 2014)

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