Fred Forest “exposes” the Pompidou Center in New York !

This exhibition at the White Box, which has become a modest branch of the Pompidou Center in New York for the occasion, will take a critical look at the Pompidou Center and present some of the artist’s emblematic works.

Taking an example from the Star Wars saga, the Territory of the Square Meter strikes back against the Empire of Art! After his exhibition this summer at the Pompidou Center, the artist Fred Forest mounts a counterattack using his own means of information and communication. There has never been anything like it before in the history of art, but one good deed deserves another! The artist is devoting an entire exhibition to the institution that organized a retrospective his work just a few months earlier. Forest is not just exhibiting the Pompidou Center in New York … but exposing it! In line with his practice of institutional and political critique, this counter-exhibition is a favor returned, a simple gesture of good will. Not wanting to be outdone by the unstinting kindness lavished on him by the Director of the National Museum of Modern Art and its curator during the preparation of his retrospective, Forest now wishes to thank them warmly for the eagerness with which they were dedicated to satisfying his every wish. Except, of course, for some minor omissions and shortcomings … like those mentioned on the partial list that appears elsewhere on this site. For instance, the discrimination to which the Center continues to subject him after so many years of companionship: discrimination compared to other contemporary artists, who are so polite and well trained that you would like to invite them home for dinner. Artists who have received much better treatment than he has … ever since a certain court case to which he recklessly subjected the institution for a lack of transparency. In hindsight, this was surely an act of temporary insanity, for which the vindictive children and grandchildren of this venerable establishment intend to make him pay for years to come!
Fortunately, the Force is strong with Territory of the Square Meter, which has already succeeded in upsetting the apple cart this past summer. Surely, the Force, which is the guarantor of all Justice, shall not fail him during the upheavals and tribulations to come.

Let us trust in Force. May the Force be with Territory !